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Support and Drivers

Here you will find a list of links to manufacturers support/drivers sites, in order to locate any support/drivers you may need for your hardware.

If there is a manufacturer that is not in our list, then please send us an email with your suggestion to: webmaster@dragonfirecomputing.co.uk

Manufacturer Support Site Description of Hardware
Maxtor Internal and external hard drives.
Asus Motherboards, graphics cards, networking, optical drives.
Gigabyte Motherboards, graphics cards.
Acer Notebooks, TFT monitors, digital cameras.
Dynamode Modems, networking.
D-Link Networking.
Linksys Networking.
Netgear Networking.
nVidea Graphics cards.
ATi Graphics cards.
Kingston Pen drives, memory.
Belkin Networking.
Epson Printers.
HP Printers.
Pioneer Optical drives.
Sony Notebooks, TFT monitors, optical drives
NEC Optical drives, projectors, TFT monitors.
Samsung Printers, optical drives.
AOpen Motherboards, optical drives.
3Com Networking.
Freecom External storage.
Canon Printers, digital cameras and camcorders, scanners.
Logitech Keyboards, mice, joysticks, cameras.
Creative Labs Sound cards.