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Services Overview

Please note that services are provided to customers within our service area with NO call out fee, and if we don't fix, you don't pay!

We believe our service charges to be very competitive and very reasonable.

DragonFire Computing charges for services in units of 30 minutes. Some of our competitors will charge a minimum of 60 minutes labour no matter how small the job.

Services List

Below is an overview of services we provide, however, this is by no means a comprehensive list. If there is anything you would like us to do that is not listed below please call to discuss your requirements.

Service Brief Description
If your computer or part of it has stopped working, give DragonFire Computing a call. We will come to you home or place of business and inspect the problems you are experiencing in its current environment. If we can fix the problem on-site (most of the time we can do), we will do. If we cannot, the problem will be fixed at our workshop and returned to you at your convenience at no extra cost.
Is your computer struggling to run new software? Your computer may benefit from more memory. Alternatively, you may have had a CD writer in your computer, but now wish to store more information on DVD instead, so why not have a DVD writer installed?
Preventative Maintenance
Why wait until you have a problem with your computer before giving us a call?. You get your car serviced to keep it running smoothly and help prevent it from breaking down, so why not treat your computer with the same respect, and help yourself to save some money in the long term.
We can help to protect you PC with a firewall/anti virus software, or remove viruses or adware/spyware if your system is already infected.

The first signs of an infected system aren't necessarily messages on your screen saying "You have a virus". Your current anti virus software may have missed a virus, but you have noticed a dramatic decline in your systems performance. DragonFire Computing can help.

Administrative Services
Could you or your business benefit from us creating a database or spreadsheet to organise your data and generate reports to help you make important decisions?.
DragonFire Computing can design your web site and help you to promote it on the World Wide Web to make the most of your investment.

We don't host the website ourselves, but we can help you organise a domain name and help you get your site hosted on the web.

Installation and Removal of Software
You may have bought a software package from ourselves or somewhere else but aren't too sure about how to get it up and running on your computer, or already have software already installed on your computer that you need help getting rid of.
Share data or resources between two or more computers in your home or business. Computer users may wish to share an internet connection, a printer or music files or pictures. This benefit doesn't have to mean having cables trailing throughout your home/office.
Supply of 2nd User Systems and Laptops
Some people want to have a desktop computer or laptop but don't have the budget for a brand new one. We can supply 2nd user systems with a minimum 30day warranty.