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Recommended Products

Below is a table of products we are currently recommending to our customers. This will be updated to reflect customer's opinions as well as industry trends.

Product Overview
Bullguard Internet Security


Providing both Anti-virus and firewall protection for your PC, with the added bonus of a facility to back up your files to the a secure Bullguard website. This is a retail box edition that comes with a 12 month subscription for updates. The recommended retail price is 39.99, but at the moment we are selling it for just 25 inc VAT.

Wireless Broadband Modem Router


Share your broadband connection with computers throughout your home or office without the use of excessive cabling. Sit anywhere in your home or office with your laptop and still be able to browse the internet.
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition


For customers using computers at home running on Windows 98 and Me (Millennium Edition) this is an upgrade that should seriously be considered. Windows XP Home is far more stable than either Windows 98 or Me and is by far better at managing the resources of your computer.
Pen Drive (USB Flash Memory)

More and more customers are asking for pen drives. For years, the floppy disk has been the main method of transferring documents between different computers, maybe from your home computer to your works computer for example. However, the pen drive is now taking over. The smallest size pen drive sold by Dragonfire Computing is 128MB, which means the the smallest pen drive we offer is equivalent to approximately 88 floppy disks!
TFT monitor


TFT monitors are great for saving on desk space, as they are much more compact than the older style CRT monitors. They are also ideal for people working on computers for long periods of time, as they are known to be easier on the eyes.