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Products List

Below is a brief overview of products that we sell. If there is a product that you require that isn't listed here then please contact us.

Computer components

Motherboards, processors, memory, graphics cards, hard drives, controller cards, DVD drives and many more

Software Microsoft Windows operating systems, Internet security software, Microsoft Office etc...
Peripherals Variety of makes and specifications of monitors, printers, scanners etc..
Plasma Screens 37" to 65" display units from manufacturers such as Panasonic, NEC, Samsung and Sony
Pen Drive (USB Flash Memory) 128MB up to 4GB
Projectors and projector screens Projectors available made by Sony, Toshiba, NEC, Epson and Sanyo.

Screens available made by Da-Lite and Projecta

Computer base units and full systems Please click here to visit our systems overview page for more information